"Inventory Management Has Never Been Easier"

Optimize Inventory Usage
PIIMS® is an inventory management system that utilizes scanners to read product bar codes. PAR levels are set and tracked for automatic product reordering.

Track Expiration Dates and Lot Numbers
PIIMS® tracking system promotes efficient use of products in a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. This eliminates waste and facilitates efficiency in product ordering and usage. The tracking of lot numbers and serial numbers allows the department to efficiently monitor, track, use and remove products that are expired or subject to recall.

Interfacing with Hospital
PIIMS® can interface with any billing system used by the facility. It also interfaces with any hemodynamic system that allows interfacing from a third party. This results in a seamless electronic transfer of device and supply charges.

Inventory Reporting
PIIMS® provides various reports for consignment, products on-hand, history of used products, expired and expiring products, cost-per-case and many more.

PIIMS® is the only inventory management system in the marketplace that can guarantee that certain devices utilized in a hospital procedure are always billed. This intelligent feature satisfies billing compliance guidelines, and eliminates back-end edits that result in the suspension of the claim. It also eliminates unnecessary administrative time needed to research, update and reprocess cases in order to resolve the edit. PIIMS®, when integrated with procedure charge capture product iRCODER.COM®, guarantees that certain devices utilized in a hospital procedure are always billed.

PIIMS® is accessible from any desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection.