Inventory management has never been easier

We're more than just barcode scanning for your hospital inventory. With PIIMS (Procedure-Integrated Inventory Management System), you'll never forget to charge for supplies used in procedures. To top it off, we're web-based, with no expensive hardware to maintain.

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Procedure-Integrated Inventory Management System

Software features

Control on-hand & reorder levels

How much time do you waste searching for missing items? Tracking inventory by hand is outdated and prone to error. With PIIMS, simply set product par levels and let the system alert you automatically for reorders.

Track expiration date & lot numbers

By using items on a first-in/first-out basis, less of your inventory expires on the shelf. PIIMS eliminates waste and streamlines ordering by tracking product serial numbers for recalls and expirations.

Interface directly with your hospital

PIIMS is plug-and-play, ready to interface with hemodynamic monitors and any billing system on the market. This results in a seamless electronic transfer of device and supply charges.

Bill CPT codes automatically

When combined with iRCODER for charge capture, PIIMS guarantees devices are always coded correctly, satisfying billing guidelines and eliminating back-end edits that hold up your payments.